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A Day in the Life of a Financial Planner Thumbnail

A Day in the Life of a Financial Planner

Do you want to know what’s really cool? My JOB, if you want to call it that. More like an opportunity. If someone said to describe a typical financial planner and what their career looks like, I guess it would be some guy in a suit crunching numbers all day, following the markets and economy, and sitting in meetings. Well, I do wear a suit occasionally. I also follow the markets and economy closely and sit in a meeting here or there. However, that is hardly how I would describe what I do. Please allow me to share what a day in the life of Lee is really about.

If I had to narrow it down, I would segregate my daily schedule into three parts; relationships, variety, and operational leadership.


One of the most unique things about the financial services industry is the opportunity to develop relationships with good people and become part of their lives. Of course, this includes financial planning, the heart of what we do, but it is more about what we learn and get to participate in—retirements and births of children and grandchildren to the challenging parts of life. People trust us enough to share things they may not provide to anyone else. So each day, I talk to people, help them put a plan in place which helps them on their journey, and get to call it work!


I must say, I don’t think there are ever two days that are the same at Lee Stoerzinger Wealth Management. Client interactions, following the markets and economy, fun events, building financial plans, research, community service, industry trends, educational seminars, and writing; each day is what we make it, and it all ultimately revolves around service to our wonderful clients.  

Operational Leadership

I have always appreciated the blessing I was given over thirty years ago to build something from the ground up. This has included managing a successful wealth management company, running a business, building processes to better service clients in a unique way, and sustaining a brand. As time passes, I very much appreciate sharing all of this with our team and allowing them to shine through their personal growth. You will often find me sitting in my laboratory upstairs at the office thinking about the future of our industry, what client service looks like in the future, or ways to bridge the gap between money and meaning. To me, it’s good stuff.

Let me leave you with this. Each day I come to the office, I am grateful for what awaits me and the unique moments I have been given. I owe them to our wonderful clients and the team that supports our company. Cheers!

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