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Our Services

Comprehensive solutions for wealth optimization

Because there are many moving parts within your portfolio, achieving true wealth optimization can often be complex. 

Fortunately, our skilled team has the expertise to oversee each piece, making sure everything works together in one cohesive plan toward your defined goals. Our team specializes in and offers solutions for:

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the basis of our integrated approach to wealth management. We help you understand the different aspects of your financial life and how each component relates to one another. Together, we create an overall strategy focused on achieving your goals.

Asset Management

We craft individual portfolios for each client based on their unique circumstances, risk tolerance, time horizon and objectives. We consistently evaluate and closely monitor each portfolio to ensure it remains aligned with the goals of your overall plan. 

Tax Efficiency Strategies and Risk Management

We prioritize guarding and protecting your wealth by incorporating tax and risk management strategies into your plan. We stay current on laws and regulations, providing recommendations to mitigate risk and offset losses.

Legacy and Multi-Generational Planning

Whether your estate is shared with your children, is part of a philanthropic strategy, or both, we create portfolios and provide governance to make sure your wealth achieves its intended purpose. 

Fee Schedule 

For our services, Lee Stoerzinger Wealth Management charges an annual fee, tiered and based on assets under management per household, on a monthly basis in arrears.

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