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A Day of Wellness with Diane Schmidt Thumbnail

A Day of Wellness with Diane Schmidt

To improve our team’s mental and physical well-being, and to encourage team engagement, a couple of months back, our team had the opportunity to have a health and wellness day at the office. When planning out the day, we knew right away we wanted our good friend Diane Schmidt to come in and be the one to lead our team in the day of health and wellness. Diane Schmidt is a friend of our firm. A few of us at the firm met her a couple of years back through community engagement and received several individual sessions from her as well. 

During our day of wellness with Diane, she led our team in several meditations and group activities. She also provided one-on-one sessions with each staff member for some extra healing and support. We were grateful for her to come in and spend the day with us, as it was exactly what we needed to feel refreshed!

Diane Schmidt has been a healing touch practitioner since 2007. She has worked in a senior care facility, hospitals, hospice homes, and private practice since 2020. On her day-to-day, Diane sees clients in individual sessions. She is currently working on giving more talks on integrative care therapies and their benefits, as well as developing classes on self-care. She does energy sessions which involve work on balancing the whole person - body and mind. This process is known to relieve stress and anxiety, calms the mind, and helps for a better night’s sleep. By relieving pain, it can also bring stress down and boost the immune system. 

Her journey to becoming a healing touch practitioner has always included a passion for helping others. “When I was pre-med in college, a family situation caused me to take a break. During that break, I began to learn about integrative care and felt that was the path I wanted to learn more about.” Diane is motivated every day in her role because she knows how important mind-body and, yes, spiritual connection is. Diane says, “It’s all about supporting the person as a whole.” 

Diane loves what she does because she can see and hear stories from the people she works with, and the sessions give her clients an overall sense of peace. “Their overall outlook about their life changes, giving them a sense of purpose,” Diane says. If you or anyone you know needs healing services through Diane, she can be reached by calling, email, or texting. She would be more than happy to have a session with you. She offers sessions at Legacy of Light in White Bear Lake and 7 Chakra Healing in Woodbury.

Diane’s contact information:

E-mail: schmidtdiane88@gmail.com 

Phone Number: 651-302-0161

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