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Are You Extraordinary? Thumbnail

Are You Extraordinary?

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

When we look around our world today it is interesting to see the things that catch our attention. If we seek out what is “popular” or “important” many folks (especially our youth) would probably mention sports, musicians, or movie stars. This entertainment culture can fill much of our time and point to what our society defines as exceptional. Not taking away from certain talents and artistic relevance, it has evolved over time into glamorizing significant concentrations of wealth, promoting misguided levels of success and a strong focus on the things “of this world.” However, when we step back, we can often see conflict as it relates to how “the rest of us” actually live our lives and what we truly value.

With that said…

For the parents who dedicate their time to raising children, doing the hard things, and keeping everything on track.

To those who go to a job each day believing that a hard day’s work builds character.

For they who give when no one is looking, seek not attention, and find strength in humbleness.

For the silent leaders who make positive change each day and believe that doing good is enough.

For those who do the right thing, even when society is against them.

To you who dream, build, and clear the paths that we all take for granted.

To those who offer friendship or a listening ear to those in need.

For you, who in the face of all this life can bring; offer an unappreciated, overlooked and undervalued light to this world… I find you truly extraordinary.

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