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The Best Day of Your Life Thumbnail

The Best Day of Your Life

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

I was recently reading a social media post from someone I have been following for a long time. She was in a photo with a famous musician. The caption read: “The best day of my life (other than my wedding day and the birth of my children).” While the artist is definitely someone many of us would recognize and maybe even admire, it got me thinking: How do we really define the best day of our life? What events, especially the ones we don’t “usually” mention, are so unique that they completely change us? What qualities would someone have in order for you to think it was the best day of your life when you met them? More importantly, what feelings would you have if someone told you it was the best day of their life when they met you way back when? Even one of their best days? This is interesting stuff to ponder.

While it is awesome to think about certain events in our lives that make the “best” list, especially as fond memories, let’s take it one step further. I challenge you to spend some time bringing those emotions to the present and applying them to how you live in the moment. There are no limits to doing this other than the ones we set for ourselves. So, go ahead. See what happens. I triple dog dare you. Try to live the best day of your life each day. The universe will thank you.

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