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For Living Thumbnail

For Living

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

A passage from my book, On the Back Burner - 

Johnny has been sick since he was nine months old. He is now seven, and has been through many surgeries. His mom is home with him full time. It has been stressful on the whole family, including his other two siblings.

It’s an interesting thing about Johnny: While he is the one who has to suffer, he never seems affected by his misfortune. For example, when the family is stuck in traffic and others are complaining, Johnny enjoys looking at all the cool cars. When there is “nothing to eat” in the house, he encourages everyone to sit down at the table together and have peanut butter sandwiches. And when the rain disrupts the family’s plans, he talks about the grass and how happy the farmers must be.

Some people look at Johnny and feel sorry for what he’s been through. He’s used to it. In fact, he is often confused by their concern for him. Actually, Johnny has been given special gifts. While he has endured trials few could handle, they contain hidden blessings. You see, this world and its distractions have never separated him from time. He lives in the moment because he doesn’t know anything different.

Oh, there are tough days, physically. On those days Johnny retreats upstairs to his room where his favorite saying hangs crookedly on the door, “When life becomes too much to stand...kneel.”

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