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Give Power To Your Journey Thumbnail

Give Power To Your Journey

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

Think about the road of life you are on right now. Where are you headed? Are you happy where you are? Do you often wonder why things happen the way they do? Are you at peace? It’s amazing how many things in this world distract us from the clarity we seek, and the specific purpose we are here for. However, I truly believe each of us was brought into this life for a specific reason. We are not here to fill the hours, but for something unique and perfectly timed.

This world presents us with two opportunities as we move through the seasons of our lives. We can spend our efforts on things which take us away from our meaning, or we can release control and follow our journey. The choice is up to us. While this can often seem difficult to see, if we look closely, we all have an inner guide showing us exactly where we need to be. The more we let go, the closer it comes. The closer it comes, the clearer our path.

Go ahead. Think about the uniqueness that is you and all the things you bring to this world in a way no one ever has, or ever will. Then, imagine your journey and the trail you seek to leave behind and go live it. I humbly suggest that one of the secrets of life comes in giving true power to that journey and trusting in all that it brings.

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