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Excerpt taken from Lee's book, On the Back Burner


How is the market? We all need to know.

Checking it daily, it's highs and its lows.

No shortage of experts on where it will lead.

Filling our heads with fear and with greed.

We all know the mantra, "Buy low and sell high."

Yet it turns so confusing in the blink of an eye.

Emotions creep in there, and what we once knew

Fights with our senses and changes our view.

We measure in minutes instead of by years,

And expect our decisions to keep us in gear.

We think what we're doing feels right in our heart,

But the world and its markets can tear us apart.

Investing takes patience, and knowledge and will.

And a constant commitment to the plan that you build.

It's truly ironic learning how to invest;

Doing the contrary is often what's best.

When you look to the markets and see doubt and despair

It's there you determine if you succeed or you fail.

Getting out; filled with logic, but it's often so wrong

You've got to get through it. You've got to be strong.

So many graduates not a day spent in class.

Don't start with the where until you learn how

The biggest mistake on the amateur's brow.

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