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Opportunity Thumbnail


Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®


We have crossed into some new territory. It is now 2021, and as we get started I personally want to label this new year a time of opportunity… A unique moment to re-group on all the thoughts we've had this past year about how futures will be different. A chance to act on those things which are meaningful in our lives. A privilege to think about the financial blessings we have, and how they can best work for us as we build our legacies. Finally, a time to hope for our world as we continue to progress through history. 

From a business perspective, we at Lee Stoerzinger Wealth Management have been working hard to keep our value proposition unique, service level high, and maximize our relationships with each client we are fortunate to work with. It’s been interesting, but we very much look forward to what lies ahead. Let the opportunities be abundant. 

Thank you, and wishing you peace in the new year.

Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®