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Our Greatest Trivium Player Thumbnail

Our Greatest Trivium Player

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

Just after I started my business in 1993, I began publishing my newsletter, now known as The Envisionary. In the mid-1990s, I introduced the Trivium question, a feature I was hoping would be a fun way for me to engage with my reading audience a bit more. I don’t remember what my first Trivium question was, but I do remember who answered it first – my uncle Jerry Stoerzinger.

Jerry’s quick and correct answers to all Trivium questions became a certainty. He was always the first one to respond. In addition to providing the correct answer, he usually also added a witty comment or even more knowledge about the subject matter.

He was selected as the winner of the drawing so many times, that eventually we mutually agreed to take his name out of the hat. But even though he knew he wasn’t in the running for the “prize,” he still played the game just for the fun of it. Jerry answered every Trivium question correctly from my first question in the 1990s through our Spring 2021 edition.

Sadly, we lost my uncle Jerry on August 4, 2021. In honor of Jerry, our greatest-ever Trivium player, we dedicate this edition’s Trivium question to him.

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