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SEI Connect Reminder - Elect How You Want to Receive Your Tax Docs Thumbnail

SEI Connect Reminder - Elect How You Want to Receive Your Tax Docs

A few months ago, we shared that SEI has a new app called "SEI Connect." The new app is designed to allow you to access your accounts online securely. 

With tax season upon us, it's now easier than ever to elect how you would like to receive your tax docs when available. This means you can elect to receive your tax documents by either mail or sent securely to your e-mail as a quicker and more convenient option. 

If you are interested in accessing SEI Connect, please contact Suzy at our office. She will send you a secure link that will take you to where you can sign up and get access. 

Suzy can be reached at our office by phone: 651-578-1600 or email: Suzy@leestoerzinger.com 

What other benefits does using the new SEI Connect app have? 

Easy to Use: 

The new platform is designed with the user in mind, with a clean and simple interface that is intuitive to use. Charts and graphs present financial information in a digestible manner to help you understand what you're looking at. 

A Centralized View: 

Track account performance and cash flow, and view your asset allocation anytime from the home screen. Connecting outside accounts can give you a complete financial picture and help you track progress toward your financial goals.

Mobile Document Center: 

Scan, upload, and store important files like statements, tax forms, and legal documents directly from your mobile device. Organizing is made easy with the ability to create and label folders. Transparency and timely information are important—that's why both you and your advisor will receive notifications when files are uploaded. 

Select How You Receive Your Documents: 

SEI Connect allows you to change how you receive documents. You can still receive them by mail, or you can elect to have your statements, tax forms, and proxy/prospectus documents e-mailed directly to you when available. 

Information from SEI's Investment Portal Brochure, 2023

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