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The Spirit of Positivity Thumbnail

The Spirit of Positivity

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

Over the past several months, and amidst the general uncertainty going on in the world, our team has had the opportunity to share in conversations with many of our clients from around the country. They are all at various stages of life and have been presented with many different types of situations.

Some are retired and trying to figure out the best and safest ways to spend time with family. Others have occupations which have kept them busy on the front lines serving those in need on a daily basis. Yet, others have small companies and are adapting to entirely new ways of doing business. Through all of this, we are still working closely with everyone, offering guidance and clarity to what can sometimes be a fuzzy picture in the short term.

While everyone has their own unique story, there is one item that has surfaced through our engagements that has presented an interesting and common theme. Virtually everyone mentions something they are thankful for, what they are doing now which is better than before, or how they have positively adapted their lives to embrace all the changes. In an environment where it seems there is an endless barrage of things seeking to darken our world, it is so nice to see that on the ground, the spirit of positivity is not only present but abundant.

While life can often be hard and present us with challenges, we firmly believe that the presence of positive thought can make all the difference in the world and we choose to build our lives around this viewpoint.

Look to our fall newsletter, The Envisionary, for more stories of unexpected graces and blessings from our clients. 

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