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Tuition at the Most Expensive U.S. Colleges Thumbnail

Tuition at the Most Expensive U.S. Colleges

By Christy Frost, Marketing Strategist

As the parent of a teenager, college is a growing topic of conversation in my household. So when I came across this (dizzying) list of tuition costs at the top 100 colleges in the U.S., it definitely caught my attention.

I wasn't sure what was more concerning, the fact that college tuition has risen roughly 500% since 1985 (vastly outpacing almost all other increases in the cost of living), or the fact that the numbers in the chart represent only tuition, not room/board, fees and meals which can easily add another 25% to the tab.

There is good news, however! There are many options available for students - in-state, private, public, merit aid, scholarships, financial aid, etc. And what's also comforting is the fact that the team at Lee Stoerzinger Wealth Management is available to help you with your education planning needs.

Give us a call if you'd like to discuss your college planning strategy.

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