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Walk a Mile in Your Shoes Thumbnail

Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

It has long been said that in order to really understand someone, you must walk a mile in their shoes. This is timeless advice upon which we can all agree and following it can help us to regard others with sympathy and patience. Well, how about this – have you ever thought about what someone’s experience would be if they had to walk a mile in your shoes?

We spend our lives building perceptions which are influenced by those around us, our culture, and what we choose to learn. So if someone had to live as you for a week, what would they think? Would they understand all that concerns you? Would you be comfortable with someone else knowing who you really are? Do you think your perceptions are accurate?

At any time, we can take inventory of who we truly are. Through this process, incredible things can be learned. We can never change unfair perceptions, nor should we. It’s not what others think about us that’s important, but what we personally understand about ourselves. Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes can bring a great sense of understanding. Walking a mile in your own just may prevent you from having to wear so many pairs of other people’s shoes.

See you on the trails!

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