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Do You Think We Care About Your Money More Than You? Thumbnail

Do You Think We Care About Your Money More Than You?

Written by Lee Stoerzinger, CFP®

Let’s say one day you are visiting your doctor and you receive some challenging news regarding your health. As you leave the office, many things might be racing through your mind. Your future, family, how you are going to handle the situation, etc. You might be fortunate to have a medical team that you trust and have known for a long time. But when you go home that day to consider your life, you can only hope they will do all they can for you. In that moment, do you think they care more about your current situation than you? And now what must you do?

When thinking about the things most important to us, I bet we can agree that our well-being comes to mind. This often means our health. However, I also believe that the financial side of life contains many parallels to this. We have ultimate responsibility for the decisions we make and how we live. But the world presents us with complexities, sometimes out of our control, that make it challenging to do everything on our own. So, we often find ourselves having to rely on outside forces to adequately secure our overall picture.

If you’re reading this, we hope it’s because you have trust in our team. Maybe we have been working together for many years and you think we do some things that are truly special. But do you think we care about your money more than you? My honest answer is a strong “I hope not.” How could we?

But don’t let this discourage you. Just like a strong medical team, what we have done, by intentional design, is build an offering which presents a unique approach. We do all we can to provide education and knowledge about personal financial independence. In addition, we seek to overlay this support by being a partner in sorting through the complex world of finance. We seek to change the conversation from who cares most about your money, to how can we work together to make something even stronger than either side could on its own. It is at this inflection point where we believe ultimate success lies.

I remember a few years ago I checked into the hospital for some x-rays. The nice person at the desk asked me who my primary care provider was. I said that it was “me.” You should have seen the look I got. I get it and I didn’t take it personally. That’s just the world we’re living in. Everyone has something to offer, but sometimes we forget the first duty we have is to ourselves, no matter who is trying to get paid or what “the world” might be trying to sell us. However, this I know: You have our word and dedication in understanding that it is your money, and no one could ever care about it more than you. We simply offer guidance which complements what you are seeking to build upon and we have always treated each dollar we manage like it’s our mom’s money. It’s not only what we do, but who we are, and we are humbly grateful for the opportunity.

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