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Global Seed Planters Thumbnail

Global Seed Planters

We were delighted to have Global Seed Planters as our charitable partner for 2021.  Based in Sandstone, Minnesota, Global Seed Planters is a ministry dedicated to the wholistic transformation of thousands of lives in some of the most remote, neglected communities on the earth.  

We partnered with Diane Brask, Founder and Executive Director of Global Seed Planters, to bring Community Transformation to villages in Northern Uganda.  The vision for our project was to develop an Agricultural Demonstration Farm in the Northern Uganda village of Lalar.  The farm would provide food security for the people of Lalar and serve as a training center where leaders from other communities would learn how to transform their villages by creating similar never-ending gardens.

With the help of our clients and community, we raised nearly $10,000 to help the people in Northern Uganda.  We are so grateful to Diane for her leadership, and to our community for their generous support of this project.